Overview of the QuickBooks Bill Pay Service

accounts payable quickbooks online Sep 14, 2023
Overview of the QuickBooks Bill Pay Service

New QuickBooks Bill Pay Service

QuickBooks Payments, which is an Intuit QuickBooks Service for receiving credit card and bank payments is now poised to offer a bill payment service of their own. As such this means that the deeply integrated service powered by Melio or BILL will no longer be available. Here is an article with features and pricing for the QuickBooks Bill Pay Service

Advantages of the QuickBooks Bill Pay Service

There are several distinct Advantages that This service will offer over other service offerings

  • Never Leave QuickBooks - Having it all integrated, means you can handle your A/P workflows in one place
  • Turn invoices into bills automatically - The QuickBooks Business Network means that one quickbooks users sends you an invoice, it can turn that into a Bill in your QuickBooks automatically

  • Transactions are Auto-Matched - When you pay a Bill through this service, QuickBooks will Auto-Match the withdrawal a saving you time after the payment is sent
  • Unlimited 1099 creation (Premium and Elite) - Paying Bills through this service will create the 1099's for those vendors automatically
  • User Roles and Permissions (Elite Only) - You can assign roles and permissions to decide who can create, approve, and pay bills—and limit access to your books.


It's not all unicorns and rainbows. Here are some of the things we see as potential challenges

  • Users Roles and Permissions - May require QBO Advanced to really get all the uses out of it
  • Funding Time - Their websites says 5-7 days for ACH and 10-12 for a mailed check
  • Bill Pay Only - Companies with advanced workflows and approvals might not be suited for this service. This does not do expenses management as with other bill pay solutions


QuickBooks Bill Pay Pricing

The QuickBooks Bill Pay Service offer 3 plans designed to suit your needs.

History of Bill Pay in QuickBooks Online

In days past, QuickBooks Online was a way for transactions to come into QuickBooks, but sending instructions out to affect real world scenarios was a little challenging. Several years ago, Intuit partnered with BILL.com to make a lite version of their Bill Payment offerings as its first venture into this workflow. The service had a lower monthly fee, and allowed QuickBooks users to schedule those bill payments directly from within QuickBooks. There were some challenges with that, and so Intuit entered in a partnership with Melio about 3 years ago to address some of these issues. Now that QuickBooks Payments is offering this service, the Melio integration is be retired.

Which Bill Pay Service Do I Have?

We get it!! It's confusing with all of these services and add ons. Depending how old your QBO subscription is, you could have been using all three. Here is an article that explains how to find out which one you might be using.

Important Dates

Bill Pay powered by BILL Key Dates:

  • September 13, 2023: Most of your clients will be able to sign up for QuickBooks Bill Pay. If you use Bill Pay powered by BILL for your books in QuickBooks Online Accountant, or have clients with accountant-billed subscriptions, you/your client(s) can use Bill Pay powered by Melio until you/your client(s) get access to QuickBooks Bill Pay in 2024
  • September 19, 2023: Bill Pay powered by BILL within QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant will be discontinued. You/your client(s) will not be able to access this solution within QuickBooks.

Bill Pay powered by Melio Key Dates:

  • September 18, 2023: If your clients have never processed a bill through Bill Pay powered by Melio, they will be able to sign up for QuickBooks Bill Pay.
  • Winter 2023: If you or your client(s) have processed a bill through Bill Pay powered by Melio, you can continue to use Bill Pay powered by Melio for now. Most customers will be able to sign up for QuickBooks Bill Pay in November. See below for exceptions.
  • 2024: If you pay for your client’s QuickBooks subscription or use Bill Pay powered by Melio for your books, you will be able to sign up for QuickBooks Bill Pay in 2024. Clients who switched over from Bill Pay powered by Bill may use Bill Pay powered by Melio until 2024.

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