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Jul 19, 2022
Quickbooks news updates

QuickBooks makes many updates and changes throughout the year. We strive to help our members stay informed and optimize their use of QuickBooks to improve their practice. Below are a few updates we wanted to share with you.

From Intuit QuickBooks in July: QuickBooks Connect is Back, QuickBooks Payments Updates and More

Intuit QuickBooks is committed to providing powerful tools and resources to help small businesses and accountants thrive without added stress. The latest announcements and features maintain this commitment to QuickBooks customers, including the return of QuickBooks Connect 2022, new Mailchimp ProAdvisor benefits, new updates to QuickBooks Payments and more.

What’s New with QuickBooks Payments 

In an effort to continue making QuickBooks Payments a streamlined experience for users, we have made several updates, including: 

  • Accountant Enablement Page: Now it’s easier to advise clients regarding QuickBooks Payments with a new webpage that summarizes the offerings and benefits. This comprehensive page will help make it simpler for business owners to choose a payment solution and for accountants to have a conversation with clients about payments, providing an at-a-glance overing, including pricing and benefits. 
  • Automatic Matching: We understand it can be time-consuming and tedious to manually reconcile payments. With this in mind, we have rolled out a new feature where the bank ID is used to automatically match bank deposits to payments - with no additional action needed from an accountant or business owner. Our goal is to eliminate any extra steps needed to validate entries, increasing overall accuracy.

If you are interested in learning more about QuickBooks Payments review the product information shared by our sister company, Complete Business Group.

Knowify Connector Now Integrates with QuickBooks Online Advanced

Knowify Connector brings simplified financial management for construction projects to QuickBooks Online Advanced at no additional cost. An exclusive feature, Knowify Connector allows users to sync construction projects, invoices and expenses between Knowify, a provider of trade-based construction management software, and QuickBooks Online Advanced. (Subscription fees for Knowify and QuickBooks Online Advanced are additional.) 

Highlights of the integration include:

  • Streamline your workflow: Avoid dual data entry for projects created in Knowify and corresponding project financials in QuickBooks Online Advanced.                                                              
  • Track performance at a glance: Send project info from Knowify to QuickBooks Online Advanced, where you can use analysis tools to quickly gauge profitability.                                                            
  • See project updates in real-time: Now your finance team operating in QuickBooks Online Advanced and your project managers operating in Knowify can work in sync using the latest project financials.  

QuickBooks Connect 2022

We are excited to share that QuickBooks Connect is back in-person this year! For the first time ever, the event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from December 7-9. This year’s show is dedicated entirely to ProAdvisors, accounting professionals, and QuickBooks platform partners with a wide range of programming including educational content, inspiring speakers and CPE credit sessions. 

Keynote speakers for QuickBooks Connect 2022 include 23-time Grand Slam champion and entrepreneur Serena Williams as well as journalist, author and podcast host, Malcom Gladwell. For more information and to register, please visit www.quickbooksconnect.com

schoolofbookkeeping.com and Complete Business Group will be hosting an event for our members and partners. If you want to learn more about the event and get on the list for an invite to our exclusive event email [email protected].



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