QuickBooks Desktop Pricing Changes for 2023

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In an email sent August 2, 2022, to the accountant community, Ted Callahan, Intuit's Accountant leader, outlined upcoming change for the Desktop products. We will comb through this email and offer our take on what this means to you as a desktop user or those who support QuickBooks Desktop Clients.



Our Take: Intuit continues to repeat that “Desktop is not going away”. They continue to add features in the product so the pricing increase is designed to offset these new updates. They also continue to add features in the QuickBooks Online edition throughout the year and have increased the price to offset their investment as well.  With these upcoming price increases for desktop, it is pushing Desktop customers to consider the move to QuickBooks Online based on pricing rather than just the convenience of a SaaS (Software as a Service) product vs a desktop product.

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing Changes

Our Take: There's a lot to take in here, and a lot to unpack. Pro Plus is much higher since there is no longer any discounts on the first year. From last year it's double the price for Pro Plus 1 user. The Read-Only access to desktop files is a new option than before and will appease those needing a desktop backup of online companies. That will eliminate needing to have a subscription for both platforms. The FAQ link is an ideal place to go to the direct source as these questions are addressed. The ProAdvisor Bundle is a sharp increase from last year ($549 and $799 respectively) There is a lot of value in them.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Pricing Changes

Our Take: To be fair, the Desktop Payroll offerings were very confusing. The employee surcharge for some plans was ala carte, while others were Per active employee. So to their credit this does simplify and align the pricing with the QuickBooks Online Payroll offerings.We did reach out to Intuit directly and this does not have any impact on Enhanced Payroll for Accountant pricing (so no change on existing subscriptions - as of 8/5/2022) .The email goes on to itemize the changes:

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus Launch and ProAdvisor Bundle

Our Take: This is the most confusing part of the email. In alignment with Pro Plus and Premier Plus, Accountant Plus is the new kid on the "Plus" block and will only be sold as as a subscription. The support part is the most confusing part. As long as you have an active ProAdvisor Subscription, you can get support on the for 2023, but if you cancel your ProAdvisor membership you will not be able to get support on that after May 31, 2024.

Good news! At schoolofbookkeeping.com we have your back! Even if you are not an active paid ProAdvisor with Intuit, we have an Elite membership plan with provides chat support called QuickAnswers that will let you get back to work.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Updates

Our Take: This is the reassuring part of the email. By making no change to Enterprise pricing this now adds Enterprise into the conversion. Enterprise Gold and above include Enhanced Payroll currently without ANY payroll charges per employee. For example, a single user on Gold through a QuickBooks Solution Provider is currently $1,464.00 A single user Pro Plus with Enhanced Payroll and 7 employees will be $1,469.00 

Important Microsoft Windows Updates


Our Take: Windows 8.1 won't be supported. It's always a good idea to invest in updated technology to ensure you have the latest updates and security releases.

 Share Your Feedback

Our Take: Please share your feedback you can add it to the comments of this blog or add it directly to their's. What do you think about all of these changes and announcements?

The silver lining is at schoolofbookkeeping.com we have your back! Even if you are not an active paid ProAdvisor with Intuit, we have an Elite membership plan with provides chat support called QuickAnswers that will let you get back to work.


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