Intuit QuickBooks Expands Accountant Segment Leadership Team

Oct 26, 2022

QuickBooks is continuing to grow and evolve. The focus is to continue to foster its relationships with the accounting community for now and in the future.

As our most trusted partners, we are focused on innovating for accounting professionals to support their small business clients, helping to achieve our shared goal of powering small businesses' success. Furthermore, we’re focused on helping accountants grow their practice and scale impact, providing them with the accountant-specific products, tools, and programs needed to help them be more efficient, save time, and expand their QuickBooks knowledge and expertise. QuickBooks Online Accountant and the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, which this year celebrates 25 years, are two ways we deliver, for free, the products and programs accountants need to succeed. 

With all of this in mind, to further accelerate our ability to deliver at speed and scale impactful improvements across the QuickBooks ecosystem for accountants everywhere, we’ve expanded our leadership team focused on ProAdvisors, accountants, and bookkeepers. 

Jeremy Sulzmann, vice president and general manager, now leads the team responsible for driving product strategy, improvements, and innovations for both accounting professionals and developers across the globe. This includes product improvements specifically for accountants via QuickBooks Online Accountant and the ProAdvisor Program and those across the QuickBooks platform that help accountants improve their workflows and deliver insights to be strategic advisors to their clients. He has been part of the Intuit QuickBooks Executive team for more than six years, previously leading the QuickBooks Self-Employed and Developer businesses.

Ted Callahan, director, will continue to work closely with the community as part of Jeremy’s Partner Segment Leadership team. Ted continues to focus on representing accountants’ voices across the QuickBooks organization to inform product strategy and ensure we’re prioritizing and delivering the improvements and innovations that mean the most to the community. Furthermore, Ted is also responsible for driving proactive and ongoing communications about product changes across the QuickBooks ecosystem so accountants can continue to be a hero to their clients. 

Jessica McCracken, engagement leader, previously with Intuit, also returns, joining Ted’s team as a critical member driving community engagement, including organizing Intuit’s QuickBooks Partner Council and other event and feedback touchpoints planned throughout the year. 

With these changes, we are excited to continue fostering our valued relationship with the accounting community for years to come.


Quote from Jeremy Sulzmann, Vice President and General Manager of the QuickBooks Partners Segment at Intuit

“It’s an honor to lead a team focused on delivering innovations designed to help accountants experience greater time savings and workflow efficiencies so they can spend even more time advising and guiding their small business clients. I look forward to deepening our partnership with this highly-engaged, passionate community.” 

Quote from Ted Callahan, Director of the QuickBooks Partner Segment at Intuit

“Expanding the team focused on delivering for accountants demonstrates our continued commitment to their success. I’m excited to continue to prioritize and deliver the products and services you and your clients need to thrive.”

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