How to Use Online Forms to Capture More Sales

Feb 10, 2017

I love finding solutions to improve workflow and make it easier for clients to place an order, request a quote or complete an application. What can you do this year to capture more sales? Forms are one of the most versatile tools to use on your website to leverage capturing sales and lead information online. Are you currently still using old school methods to collect client information, applications and other documents that you could automate and place on your website?

Why use Online Forms?

There are so many uses for forms. The sky is the limit when you start thinking of ways you can automate your current process for collecting client information. Some great ideas for using forms are to create polls, register for an event, take client applications, contact forms, selling products online and so much more!

Do you need a contact form or want to create a survey? There are many tools available to help you accomplish this and they are easily edited and you can create the embed code to add to your site. Then automagically, your workflow becomes automated and you save hours per day!

Select a Form Builder

One of my favorite form builder apps is Wufoo. It is simple to use and you can create forms quickly with a drag and drop editor. You can integrate your forms with Facebook Pages and WordPress sites.

You can also accept payments in forms making your life easier and getting your clients to pay you faster! You can eliminate mailing statements to your clients by offering a form they can go to on your website to pay  you for your services rather than waiting for them to mail you a check.

Easy Set Up

Forms are fast and easy to set up. In Wufoo, there is a form builder where you add fields to your form and can make adjustments to the settings to configure it to you needs. The fields allow you to collect data. You can create contact forms, surveys and other forms to collect the data you need and payments. There are also templates available that can be customized.

Capture More Sales

Capturing leads with online forms is a great way to get customers in your pipeline for prospects so you can close more deals. We use Zapier integrations so that when a customer completes a form, the data is automatically zaps into our Insightly CRM. Then all of the information is saved in the clients contact.

Creating online forms is easy. I challenge you to improve your workflow and setup an online form to help close more sales for your business. Test drive a free version to see if it will work for you.

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