How to Land Clients on Facebook

Mar 23, 2017

When it comes to Facebook, it can be confusing to know if you should have a group or a page,  and should you keep business and personal separate. Many of us have a Facebook business page, but we never get any business from it. This is because Facebook business pages lack personality. You can share your business promotions, but it rarely gets you any business. It is very different on your personal Facebook page and Facebook groups. In both of these, you want to come across as helpful and consistently contribute to others to establish yourself as an expert. When you do that you gain trust and people will come to you when they need help. Here are a few tips on utilizing your Personal Facebook page and Facebook groups to get new clients.

Leverage Your Personal Facebook Page
If you want to land new clients with Facebook, you need to friend people and use your personal profile. This is a touchy topic for many as they reserve their personal page for family, friends, and people they know.

Here you post pics of your kids, where are eating, your travels and thoughts. You don’t want to mix business with pleasure. But you’re missing out on the best tool for finding new business ever to exist. You don’t need ads and business pages. You need friends that will either enrich your life through friendship or may become clients or may refer clients to you.

Adding friends on Facebook is a precarious concept. Some feel it’s an invasion of privacy. But many people that become your “friend” on Facebook often become your friend IRL too. Then the chances of them becoming your client or collaborating on business together will increase exponentially. That said, I do not recommend friending random people.

Use Facebook Groups to Grow your Business
You can also be successful if you start a Facebook group where you and the members have a common interest. We started the Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners Group (better known as ABBO) and it now has over 7000 members. Why? Because so many professionals in the same industry face the same problems. We come together because of common interests, we help each other and build a community.

I wasn’t a believer until met Eric Greenspan. He has enlightened me on the vast opportunities that exist on Facebook for building a successful business. I now have many close friendships with clients that I have never met IRL. In addition, ALL of our clients are generated from Facebook, most of which we have never met. I now look forward to attending conferences and other events to get to meet ABBO members and clients IRL.

Ready to grow your Business on Facebook? Here’s what you should do…

  1. As you meet people in Facebook Groups and get to know them, add them as a friend on Facebook. The chance of them accepting you will increase.
  2. Add friends of friends, as this also increases your chances of acceptance.
  3. Consider your audience. Do not market your services fiercely on your Facebook profile. People want to hear about your life, your thoughts, see pics of your family.
  4. Share useful content that will help others and answer questions when you see someone has a problem you can solve. You will naturally gain trust from helping others, and they will come to you for your services rather than you pushing your business on them.
  5. Start a blog to share useful tips and share it with your group and page.
  6. Engage with people regularly on Facebook. It is relationship building. You have to get to know other people to gain their trust. Remember, be more interested than interesting.
  7. When you want to drive business, post things that might have a link to your content or website, but do it in a way to make the link enticing. An example is to tell a story about your current service and then send a link to a post about it. In the post, have a link to your services and explain what you do. Let people find out what you do by naturally.
  8. Have fun and be yourself.

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