How To Get More Clients If You Don’t Have Enough Business

Jul 13, 2017

My dad loves fishing and taught me how to fish when I was a little girl. I have some of the best memories with him on the boat. When I think of how to get more clients I always envision having several lines out on the boat. The more lines you have in the water, the better the chance you will catch a fish. In order to grow your business, you want to cast a big net. The best way to do that is by telling people about what you do.

If you are asking yourself, “how do I get more clients? You need to read this! If you are struggling to get business in the door, you can get new clients in a few simple steps. We offer weekly webinars designed to Ignite you and fuel ideas to help you build your practice. Check on this one on Building Your Practice and Getting More Clients. We can all use more clients, want better clients, or wish our clients paid more. There is always a reason to promote your business. Here are some things to think about when you are strategizing on how to get more clients.


Step 1. Talk to people about what you do
Step 2. Talk to more people about what you do
Step 3. Talk to a few more people about what you do
Step 4. Talk to past clients and ask them to talk to people about what you do


If the answer is none, you should know where I am going with this. If you’re not entirely booked with clients, you have time to promote your business. If you don’t tell people about what you do, then no one will know you exist. You need to be in front of people and tell them what you do for a living. How else will they learn they need to work with you?

  1. Go Fishing!
  2. Talk to people at your kid’s school and activities
  3. Your gym, at yoga class, or sporting events
  4. Use Networking groups and connect with like-minded people
  5. Talk to people in line at Starbucks or anywhere you hang out
  6. Chat on Social Media -it’s free, and you don’t even have to leave your home

Need I say more? Even if you can’t leave your office because you are too busy, you can still find a way each day to interact with others. We promote throughout the day on Facebook and other social media without leaving our desks. Find what works for you and do it relentlessly.

If you are struggling and need clients, do whatever it takes. Stop hiding behind your computer and busy work. If you are nervous to talk to people find ways to overcome that by building your confidence. You have to make time do things that will generate new revenue to keep provide for your family. Open up and connect to another human who NEEDS your help. Talk to one more person each day. Start fishing!

If you would like to learn more tips and tricks, click here to access our entire course library!!

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