Automate Monthly Customer Billing Using QuickBooks Desktop

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Automate customer billing with QuickBooks payments in QuickBooks Desktop

We are often asked “How do I automatically bill and collect from my client for a monthly bookkeeping fee?” Here are the steps to set up automatic recurring invoicing.

Start with a QuickBooks Payments account.

Next, create a sales receipt.  Customer>Enter Sales Receipts

Finally Create a TEMPLATE for each CLIENT.  Use a SALES RECEIPT so the customer is invoiced and you are paid all in one step.


The first example will be for clients paying with a CREDIT CARD.

At the top of the receipt, select to set up a recurring payment.

You will need to enter your login information for your QuickBooks Payment account. You will be required to complete the following screens inside your QuickBooks merchant account.

You will want to search your customer list and connect an existing customer.

Then name this recurring payment. Fill in the field as desired.


Then fill in the item code and the rest of the information will auto-populate like your receipt.

Next, fill in your credit card and select proper notifications.


There is one more step that you will need to complete and that is the authorization form.  You will need to print this form, have the client complete and have this on file. If the client needs to change their payment method, have them complete an updated form.

Then click NEXT.  This screen will pop up to let you review everything before you click submit.

Then the screen to manage your recurring payment page will appear:

Right away your client will receive this email – if you checked off “notify my customer”

The second example is for clients paying with ACH.

While inside the sales receipt click e-check

Then complete the form below, you should have an authorization form on file for recurring payments.

After you click process this first payment, you want to select MEMORIZE for future billings.

Then complete the memorized label selecting how often to bill, how many, and give it a name.

Keep in mind when you log in to your QuickBooks you will need to say YES about entering automatic transactions or these will not be created.

Using this system allows you to automatically bill your clients using the QuickBooks desktop version with integrated QuickBooks Payments. Automatic billing is a more efficient way for you to invoice, collect, and streamline your billing process.

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