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Sep 07, 2015

Many innovative advancements are happening in small business accounting technology. On a recent Google hangout with Mike Milan of Finagraph, he shared with us some of the free business products they are launching to help business grow and understand what your business is worth. One exciting business product is the Finagraph valuation tool that is designed to determine how much your company is worth. It can tell you how to increase your companies valuation and improve the transferrable value. You are the expert at what you do, Finagraph can help maximize the value of your hard work. This is the first of ten free business products to use and share with your clients.

Valuation has been a hot topic in our ABBO group. We have seen many questions on how to grow your business without having to take on debt. To figure this out you can use the Sustainable Growth Rate Formula. Mike’s perspective in valuation comes down to risk. People are looking at many factors. If you walk away and your business will not make money, it will be worthless. It is much more attractive if it is plug in play. You must understand your value to grow your value. Using the valuation tool will allow you to play with scenarios and set a goal, it will give you an action plan.

Finagraph also has an educating training division which offers powerful, one-day seminars to learn tangible, actionable tools that will enable you to unlock hidden cash within your current operations and get the most out of your business. These fun workshops bring complex calculations to life with entertaining real world examples taught by renowned business experts.

Gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to build transferable value, create a profit plan and manage future business growth. These seminars take place across the country all year-long and are also eligible for 8 continued professional education credits! Programs are scheduled across the country all year long. To find a seminar near you visit their website here or email [email protected]. The next event is in Los Angeles on September 25th and Seth David may be attending.

Be sure to watch the free class on Finagraph on the site anytime to learn more about these so that you can be more of a valuable resource to your clients. This is a perfect tool to enable you as a bookkeeping professional to show to your clients directly that the money they pay you actually brings the business back more money. You will help the owner become more profitable and build your business as a result.




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