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quickbooks desktop quickbooks online Mar 18, 2020

Are You Aware Of The Vast Array Of Choices For Your Customer When They Need QuickBooks?

As a Certified ProAdvisor, product expert and consultant of QuickBooks, I am excited about all the options that we have for our clients to fit their individual needs.  When QuickBooks Online became popular and marketed, initially there was a strong push to move everyone to a SAAS product, however, we found not everyone was ready. There has been a pivot allowing customers options. The push still remains towards SAAS but until the online version has all the needed features already available in Desktop, we will be able to select the RIGHT FIT. We’ve created a QB Chooser tool to help guide you to the right version of QuickBooks


QuickBooks Desktop is alive and WELL

Intuit continues to invest resources in desktop products. 

QuickBooks Desktop has bank feeds

With all the product development work poured into QuickBooks online to make bank feeds be their most prized feature, they have ultimately fixed the feature in Desktop as well.

QuickBooks Desktop can be accessed anytime anywhere

All you have to do is add a hosting package, and you can access remotely from any location. Learn more about hosting vs. online.  

QuickBooks Online is great for the service industry

With the right features selected, QuickBooks payments or third-party apps, you can invoice from the road, track time and collect credit card payment on the go. 

GoPayment comes with a QuickBooks Payments Subscription (no longer extra)

GoPayment allows you to be mobile in collecting credit card payments. A new feature is that it is included in your QuickBooks Payments no additional fee.  Learn more about GoPayment. 

QuickBooks Desktop is Excellent for Construction Industries

You can burden the labor of job cost, track time, expenses and integrate payroll to provide exceptional reporting.

Tracking inventory in QuickBooks desktop is cost-effective

You do not need to invest in expensive alternatives. Once set up correctly it’s easy to use. It tracks your inventory through the workflow of purchase to the sale and values it at average cost.

Enterprise is for Small Business to Mid-Sized Business 

The perfect fit for growing companies is Enterprise, it allows for data and list file growth. It can start as small as one user on up to 40 simultaneous users. If you are an existing QuickBooks user and your file size is over 100,000k (Press F2 while in a data file), it’s time to upgrade to Enterprise. Also, another reason is if you need Advanced inventory functionality to track by Serial number, lot, or location. Learn more about when to consider Enterprise.


To briefly summarize the options in QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Self Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is designed for one-man shops, which have no employees and do not need a balance sheet. It only allows one user.  This product cannot move to any of the others, you have to start over. 

QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Online is excellent for small businesses that are in the service industry.  They have not experienced a lot of growth, yet. It allows 1-25 users. You can export/import from QBO to QBDT, but it’s a challenge. Customers that want free help with setup and training should start with Advanced. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade and downgrade based on your needs. 

QuickBooks Pro 

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is excellent for small businesses that need to track job costs or inventory. They have not experienced a lot of growth yet. It allows 1-3 users. This is the most popular online edition.

QuickBooks Premier 

QBDT Premier is excellent for small businesses that need to track job cost or inventory and use Sales orders.  They have not experienced a lot of growth yet. It allows 1-5 users. This is the best online edition.

QuickBooks Enterprise 

QuickBooks Enterprise is excellent for small businesses that are planning to grow. It’s a smooth upgrade from QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier. The workflow is seamless, as all transactions can be linked together making searches powerful. It allows 1-40 users. This is the BEST Desktop Edition

It’s exciting that we have choices between the options that can accommodate a client that has a one-man shop all the way to a growing small business with payroll that needs to accept payments with ease and track job cost, inventory or other advanced capabilities. For a successful experience with QuickBooks, we recommend partnering with Certified ProAdvisors that specialize in the industry and working with an Intuit Reseller that is a Product specialist to make sure you are in the right product and the best price available. Often these resellers are both certified in support and use the product in-house with real-world experience.

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