Can I Have More Than One QuickBooks Online Company on the Same Login?

Jan 26, 2021

The short answer is yes, you can have as many companies tied to the same login as you want. When you have more than one company tied to the same login, when you sign into QuickBook Online, the first thing you will see is the company selection screen. Like this:

This screen is divided into three sections

  • QuickBooks Accountant - The list of QBOA Firms that the login is tied to as a team member
  • QuickBooks Companies - The list of companies the login is tied to that is not an accountant user
  • Canceled Companies - The list of companies that are canceled but still available for read only access

If any of these sections does not apply, you will not see them. For Example, if you are not an accountant and only have two businesses on QBO, you will only see the QuickBooks Companies section with both of your QBO companies listed there. You can access one, then use the Switch Company option in order to access the other without signing out.

The triangle in the QuickBooks Accountant section can be clicked on to expand the listing of clients so you can see which firm you need to go into before accessing the Firm's client list.

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