"Bank Letter Required" Message Opening QuickBooks Desktop

quickbooks desktop Jul 29, 2022

Nothing like waking up to a fire alarm, right?? Today when opening QB desktop, we were greeted with the above screenshot. Every company we opened gave the same message, even the ones that didn't have QB Payments.

Googling the phone number didn't give much confidence. I called the number and it is indeed Intuit, but they were having higher than normal call volume. Surprise! Surprise!

Through our relationship with Intuit, we have access to competent reliable sources and they informed us:

"You can disregard the message. Our engineers are aware of the issue and working it get it removed."

During the course of the conversation I was updated:

"Our engineers actually just alerted us the issue has been resolved and they are removing all the alerts."

So by the time you are reading this, it may be a "non-issue" but incase you have received a call from a panicked client, or if you are that panicked client. You can disregard and go about your day.

If you would like to leverage our relationship with competent, knowledgable support staff (It just might be us) you can look into our QuickAnswers option. You can even get a Day-Pass for one time use to try it out 

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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