Intuit QuickBooks Launches New Revenue Share Program in Beta

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 At QuickBooks, accountants and bookkeepers are Intuit's most valued partners. Intuit is committed to working with them to help small businesses thrive. Now, to recognize accountants who help their small business clients use QuickBooks Online, they’re launching the new QuickBooks ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing Revenue Share program.

Thanking accountants for shared success, the new program recognizes the work accountants do to recommend, set-up and onboard new clients onto QuickBooks. Accountants will receive 30 percent of the billed price their client pays each month on new QuickBooks Online or Payroll subscriptions.


Thanking You for Shared Success

QuickBooks appreciates the accounting community for being advocates for our products, and now they want to give back. They aim to power prosperity and not only provide useful tools, but help accountants grow their practices and scale their impact. This inspired the new revenue share program, which offers the following key benefits: 

  • Client Discount: Not only will you receive a portion of the revenue, but your client benefits too. They will receive their first month free, plus a 50 percent discount for three months after that.
  • Revenue Growth: For 12 months, you will receive 30 percent of the billed price on base fees and 15 percent of QuickBooks Online Payroll employee fees.
  • Time Savings: You can spend less time managing subscriptions, because your client will be charged directly - so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

How it Works

Currently rolling out in Beta, here is an overview of how the new QuickBooks ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing Revenue Share program works. Of note, clients are not notified of a firm’s participation in the revenue share program.

  • Enrolling: once available, you will be able to enroll in the revenue sharing program through your dashboard by selecting the gear icon. It must be completed by your firm’s primary admin or firm owner, and will require your firm’s tax ID to begin.
  • Adding a Client: once enrolled, adding a client is easy. From QuickBooks Online Accountant, select “Add Client,” then “Revenue Share” under the “Bill my client” option. From there, select the correct product (i.e. QuickBooks Online and/or Payroll), add your client’s information and save. This will start a 30-day free trial for the client, and we’ll email them instructions on how to access the new accountant. Before the end of the trial, a client will need to provide payment information to activate the subscription and receive the 50 percent off discount for the first 3 months.
  • Calculating Revenue Share: after enrolling in revenue share, you’ll receive a monthly payout for all eligible client subscriptions. It will take 1–2 months to begin receiving payouts after a subscription is started. That’s because your client begins with a 30-day free trial, and the payout is calculated only after your client starts a paid subscription. See below for example cases for how your revenue share could be calculated:

QuickBooks Online Revenue Share Details

QuickBooks Online Payroll Revenue Share details 


The revenue share program is currently in a limited beta. The goal is to make the program broadly available in the coming months. To learn more about and enroll the revenue sharing program, please visit this web page

Are there any other ways to earn?

At, we want to make sure you are aware of the variety of options that you can receive discounts and earn money by recommending software the makes you and your client's business life easier. Intuit has an established QuickBooks Solution Provider Program where you can earn commissions, bounties, and residual payments which is a different program that this revenue share or other ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing discounts. You can also consider joining an established QSP that has a partner program. Our "Should I Be a ProAdvisor?" course discusses this and much more about the ProAdvisor Program.

If you would like to learn more tips and tricks, click here to access our entire course library!!

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