10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Jul 03, 2017

We all know that it takes confidence to be successful, but we struggle with it. I recently wrote about Why Confidence Matters in Business and Life. Now I will share some confidence building tactics that will give you an instant boost of confidence.

Everyone occasionally has self-doubt. Even the most successful and confident among us have moments of insecurity. Self-confidence can be complicated. The lucky few are born with it, others learn it early on, and the rest of us have to learn to build it on our own. The first time you do anything is usually the hardest. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but over time it will come naturally. Confidence can be developed and strengthened until it comes naturally.

Our confidence plays a significant role in our ability to achieve success and happiness. It affects our thought patterns, how we speak, act, and the decisions we make in our lives. It can affect your career, income potential, relationships, and even our health. Confident people take more action and perform better, so they are more likely to attain their goals. Confidence can make you feel better and happier.

These are small practices you can do every day to build confidence over time. These tools can automatically put you in a confident state of mind. You don’t have to use them all at once. Some will work better for you than others, so it’s a good idea to try them all.

It’s ok to fail

The more challenges you take on, the more failures you are likely to have. The important thing is that you learn that it’s not the end of the world. You have to recover by getting back in the game. No matter what, you have to get up and push on. It is a learning opportunity. When you realize you can recover from any setback, your confidence will allow you to get up and push forward, leading to success.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else

Stop measuring yourself against others. You can’t compare your day one to another person’s year five. Hard work day after day will get you to where you want to be. Making comparisons damages your confidence and you can not accurately measure your success that way.

Look your best

The way we dress affects how we feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us. You should dress for success. You don’t have to wear designer clothes or spend a ton of money. Choose things that fit you well and are flattering. You should also be mindful of what is appropriate for your work environment. Black is classic and professional. I have timeless pieces that are my go-to staples.

Work on your posture

People with lower confidence often tend to have poor posture. You can give yourself an instant boost of confidence by standing up or sitting up straight and holding your head high. When you are walking look straight ahead and keep your chin up, you will look and feel more confident.

Knowledge is power

A crucial part of being confident is the belief that you have the skills to succeed. It is much easier to believe if it’s true. Knowledge is power, and the more powerful you feel, the higher your confidence will be. To learn more, view the webinar we hosted on confidence building.

Get in shape

If you make your health a priority, you will feel better and have more energy from the endorphins released when you work out. A benefit of getting in shape is it improves your physical condition and appearance. It gives you more confidence. 

Start a conversation

When you find yourself in a social situation, instead of gravitating to those people you’re comfortable with, start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well. Eventually getting to know new people will become easier. The next time you go out to coffee or your next appointment wear something that will naturally start a conversation. Eric refers to this as “your body is a billboard,” use it. The coolest part is people will start talking to you. You don’t have to do anything. Whenever we are out, we talk to strangers. It is amazing how many interesting people there are in the world. You never know who your next client will be.

Surround yourself with confident people

Build relationships with can-do people; attitude is contagious. On the other hand, try to avoid those can’t-do people. It works both ways. Confidence helps you to become more secure in your abilities, and you gain a positive attitude. It also encourages you to be more assertive and to take on more challenges. You will notice that you naturally attract like-minded people. The result is more success and a higher quality of life.

Trust your gut

When you trust your intuition and listen to those gut feelings, you’ll become more confident in the knowledge that you do know what’s right for you. Embracing your interests and knowing “what you like” is just one part of knowing yourself. It’s also about having clear principles and sticking to them. Determine the rules you want to live by so you can act with confidence in everything you do.

Never give up

Practice the skills you need to succeed. The more you practice, the more confident you become. If you are planning to give a speech and you feel insecure about public speaking. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself by practicing over and over until it feels natural for you. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror or record yourself. Then you will notice where you need to improve. Always remember to smile!

Use these simple techniques to build your confidence. Choose at least one of these techniques and use it today! Once you master your confidence, think about how easy it will be to meet new people and get more clients.

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